Printed Mugs UK, Mugs With Logo, Promotional Mugs, Cups, Branded Mugs, Custom Mugs, Personalised, Business Mugs, Company Mugs, School, Printing, Bespoke, Marketing, Corporate, Advertising, Cheap, Bulk Buy

Printed Mugs UK, Mugs With Logo, Promotional Mugs, Cups, Branded Mugs, Custom Mugs, Personalised, Business Mugs, Company Mugs, School, Printing, Bespoke, Marketing, Corporate, Advertising, Cheap, Bulk Buy
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Promotional Ceramic Mugs & Bone China Mugs Personalised With Your Printed Logo Promotional Plastic Pens & Metal Pens Personalised With Your Printed Logo Promotional Sports Water Bottles Personalised With Your Printed Logo Promotional Golf Umbrellas & City Umbrellas Personalised With Your Printed Logo Promotional T-Shirts, Polo Shirts & Clothing Personalised With Your Printed Logo Promotional Pedometers, Step Counters & Calorie Counters Personalised With Your Printed Logo Promotional Keyrings Personalised With Your Printed Logo Promotional Carrier Bags, Drawstring Bags, Conference Bags & Shopping Bags Personalised With Your Printed Logo Promotional Sticky Memo Notes, Memo Block Pads & Note Pads Personalised With Your Printed Logo Promotional Mouse Mats Personalised With Your Printed Logo Promotional Folders Personalised With Your Printed Logo Promotional Coasters Personalised With Your Printed Logo Promotional Mints Personalised With Your Printed Logo Promotional Lanyards Personalised With Your Printed Logo Promotional Stress Balls & Stress Shapes Personalised With Your Printed Logo Promotional Rulers Personalised With Your Printed Logo

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Promotional products custom printed with your company logo - Mugs, Pens, Golf Umbrellas, T Shirts, Polo Shirts, Bags, Folders, Sports Water Bottles, Post It Notes, Mouse Mats, Keyrings, Lanyards, Stress Balls, Rulers, Mint Cards, Coasters, Diaries, Baseball Caps

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  • See your Company logo, School logo, Sports Badge or Business Design displayed on promotional products, corporate gifts and promotional items before buying with our free artwork proofs

  • We can post most sample promotional products free of charge. A small charge will be levied on our more expensive promotional items which can be redeemed against future orders.

Printed Mugs UK, Mugs With Logo, Promotional Mugs, Cups, Branded Mugs, Custom Mugs, Personalised, Business Mugs, Company Mugs, School, Printing, Bespoke, Marketing, Corporate, Advertising, Cheap, Bulk Buy

Impact Promotional Mugs based in St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK, manufacture printed mugs with your imprinted company logo and message. We offer FREE UK delivery on all printed mug orders.

Promotional branded Mugs Galore are one of our best selling items and are a great way to advertise your business, organisation, or group. Impact Promotions UK offer superb promotional earthenware company mugs, printed mugs, branded mugs, and personalised bone china promotional mugs in beautiful vibrant colours at truly cheap UK prices. We also sell branded promotional travel mugs and a speciality frosty mug – great for summer days. These special promotional mugs and branded with printed logos have an outer layer that can be cooled in the freezer and continuously keeps your drinks icy cold.

We can personalise your printed mugs with names on, a photo, company logo, design, slogan, or any other information. See your company details and company logo promoted far and wide. Perfectly suited as promotional giveaway gifts for your vendors, suppliers, for use in conference rooms, exhibition and at tradeshows. Promotional logo imprinted mugs and branded mugs make ideal advertising tools that will last for years. Mugs Galore supply a huge variety of personalized imprinted coffee mugs, Bulk Buy Mugs, School Mugs, Company mugs, NHS mugs, Council mugs, University mugs, Football Club Mugs, Souvenir Mugs and are considered one of the firm favourite promotional products to buy. All mug printing prices include wrap printing on both sides.

your clients, future customers, or present workforce with an promotional item that is useful and valued, as they tend to be used day after day. Ideal for giveaways at exhibitions and special events, promotional coffee mugs can advertise your company logo.

In addition to Impact Promotions UK extensive line of printed mugs, personalized mugs and custom branded cups with logo mug printing we also stock hundreds of other executive business gifts, printed products, personalised items and marketing items at cheap UK prices! Impact Promotional Merchandise Ltd can satisfy your company's every need for a professional printed mug supplier.

Printing Options

Gilding (extra £0.45 per mug)

A precious metal gilded rim on bone china mugs has always promoted quality and value. Gilded rims are also available on earthenware ceramic mugs. Precious metal gilding can enrich the mug design. There are different grades of gilding, from a whisper-thin halo through to broad bands, giving options to suit all tastes and designs. Applied to a dinner plate, gilding can help frame images and designs.

Colour Banding (extra £0.30 per mug)

The addition of a coloured band to the rim of printed mugs, beakers or bone china mugs, particularly a colour at the heart of the surface logo, imparts style and quality.

Government Measures

If the logo printed glassware is to be used in licensed premises, and metered measures are not used, every glass must be stamped with the CE mark and number to verify the measure given, this is called government stamping. This is done as a special order and minimum quantities may apply.

Inside Mug Printing (extra £0.25 per mug)

Inside mug print is the application of transfer print inside the mugs or cups. Used creatively, it can cleverly reinforce your brand or message by drawing the eye to your message or logo. Indeed, because the image is achieved by adding a transfer, any surface can be decorated so there are also options, for example, for adding a telephone number or name to a handle.

Backstamps (extra £0.25 per logo colour per mug)

Backstamps are prints on the outside base of the promotional ceramic mugs or Bone China mugs. In addition to positioning your logo, backstamps can also be used to put individual numbers on a limited edition run or adding words, such as ‘bone china’, to reinforce the value of the item.

Direct Screen Printing Mugs

Ideal for: earthenware budget mugs; cost effective in both large and small runs; can be used on bone china
Not for: complex half-tones

An image, usually up to four line colours, is printed within a given area directly onto the rotating body of the mug. The method is used when:
• the design is simple
• there are no complex half-tones although some half-tones can be directly printed
• the registration is not over demanding
• the design is not required to be larger than the print area
There are limitations with this printing process and it is primarily used for the low budget side of the earthenware market. A direct printer can print several thousand items a day, in contrast to the slower, hand decorated transfer process.

Transfer Printing Mugs

Ideal for: earthenware and bone china; more complex art tones; critical registration and full colour work; printing on the full surface area of the item; highly-shaped items

The design is silk-screen or litho printed onto special paper, then cover-coated. The resulting print is then treated as a water slide transfer and applied by hand to the mugs. The process is slower and more labour intensive than direct screen printing onto bone chine mugs but is more flexible with colours able to be built up with precision and control. Printing is possible on the full size of a mug, inside on the base, as a back stamp, or just inside the mug rim.

Mug Transfer or litho printing, as opposed to direct silk-screen, is used when:
• larger than average print is needed
• working with bone china mugs
• printing in four-colour process
• cases where more than four line colours, very fine detail or tight registration is required.

Digital Printing Mugs

Ideal for: photo mug images or cartoon images without bright primary colours; both earthenware and bone china; small print runs.
Not for: any images with strong primary colours or coloured glazed ceramics.

An image is printed directly to a specially coated paper in process colour, using technology similar to an office laser printer. This is then cover-coated, becoming a water slide transfer which is applied to the mugs. As with full colour mug printing, there are limitations on the strengths of reds and pinks but, with pastels and citrus shades, the results are excellent. Because the inks are a natural product, perfect colour matching cannot be achieved on repeat orders and it is not possible to match the primary colour chart, but the technique is excellent for photographic reproduction.

Dye Sublimation Photo Mugs

Ideal for: Full range of colours; full colour photo image; stunning photographic reproduction; small order flexibility; fast turnaround
Not for: certain mug shapes; mugs that need to withstand frequent harsh dishwasher cycles or microwave use.

Dye sublimation enables incredibly accurate colour photographic reproduction on mugs.
A four-colour high quality photo finish on mugs is possible with crystal clear results and really bright impact colours. The technique uses organic colour dyes. This opens up a much more diverse colour spectrum and gives you a brilliantly outstanding gloss appearance. It is also environmentally friendly, avoiding the use of substances such as lead and cadmium. Because the mug does not have to withstand a kiln firing, it provides a more versatile colour range than fired enamel colours.

Dye Sub Heat Change Mugs

Ideal for: an eye-catching and distinctive promotional tool.
Not for: mugs that need to be dishwasher or microwave safe

Promotional dye-sub mugs come as standard Durham mugs, which are then spray coated with a heat-change colour and printed with a dye sublimation image using organic colour. The result is a real talking point as the printed image literally comes to life before your eyes when a hot drink is poured in. These mugs are great for promotions or simply reinforcing business relationships. Maybe your staff and clients are ‘the hottest team in the business’? Why not reward them with their very own special ‘heat change’ slogans to leap out at them every time they fill their mugs. The organic colour is cured into the spray coating, unlike ceramic colour, which is fired into the glaze. Hence the need to avoid dishwasher or microwave use.

Four Colour Printing Mugs

Ideal for: large run photographic work
Not for: smaller runs which are now better suited to dye sub or digital printing

The image is broken down into four essential colours – cyan, magenta, yellow and black (known as CMYK). Most creative software can store an image in CMYK format, but be careful as the monitor may not give a Pantone-accurate version of the image. It is best to send graphic files with a printed visual. Note that the magenta is not as strong as in paper printing, limiting the strength of reds and pinks. This can be overcome by using spot colours from extra screens. Additional spot colours are recommended to highlight text such as slogans or product names on the mugs.